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Digital signage

The use of impressive videos and animation is the most attractive and effective way to come in touch with the public. Therefore, there is a great interest for the creation of infrastructure of networked displays and infokiosks that offer information (announcements, texts, pictures, videos), adverticements, services and content that is available for the customer to use. The impression that the digital signage is something live and not static makes it a fascinating experience for the viewer. Is it’s the ideal solution for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other public places.

EPI Systems offers devices and cloud software that can convert a tv screen to a digital signage screen. The user, using his cloud account with an internet enabled device, can define what will be reproduced to every tv screen he has and, also, to change the available content.
EPI Systems offers the initial design of the content and the training in order to use the software provided.