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EPI Wi-Fi HotSpot Manager is a captive portal solution through which an accommodation can improve its image, receive information on multiple subjects and, at the same time, offer Internet connection through its Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Main Characteristics

Informative dashboard through which important information can be gathered about the usage of the provided Internet connection, about the number of the connected users and devices through diagrams and values.


Captive Portal on which videos and photos concerning the accommodation can be placed. Through this portal the visitors are forwarded to the Internet.
For accessing the Internet there is a great number of options for user authentication as:

  • Login with an email address
  • Login with Social networks accounts. The social networks available for authedicating visitors include the most well known as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other less known. Also, it is possible to use other sites that use for authentication OAuth or OpenID in order to authenticate users.

  • Login with the use of vouchers that can be printed the time the visitor needs them and which can be paid or free of charge as the accommodation chooses
  • Login with the use of LDAP Authentication

Before the visitor accesses the Internet, and while he is still in the captive portal, there are applications that are offered and that can keep the interest high while still in the portal. These applications are divided to those that are provided by default by the EPI Wi-Fi HotSpot Manager and the custom ones that are can be created using HTML, JAVASCRIPT and CSS. The, by default, provided apps are the following:

Info: In this app, information about the accommodation are provided and also it connects the visitor to the Login app

Login: It allows the access to the Internet after authentication of the user with one of the previously mentioned methods

Weather: This app presents the weather forecast for the area that the accommodation is situated

Around me: This app presents on a map the spots of interest around an accommodation

Route: This app presents on a map the route that a moving hotspot follows (e.g. the hotspot is placed on a coach)


In the captive portal there is the ability for the accommodation to create surveys, quizzes and tests. Through them one can get answers to questions he has concerning the accommodation and the provided services. The analysis of the received results is automated and also there is the ability to extract the received results. Furthermore, the creation of the surveys is fully customizable in everything that concerns the appearance and the content but, also, the time the survey will be presented to the accommodation’s visitor.

The EPI Wi-Fi HotSpot Manager gives to an accommodation the ability to create advertising campaigns. These can be created in two places:

1. In the captive portal where the advertisements are placed in 3 banners to the left, right and up sides of the user’s screen as depicted in the following picture. Each banner can contain a different advertisement than the other.

2. During the time the visitor uses the Internet. In this case the banner will appear according to the accommodation’s campaign design on the screen of the visitor’s device. This banner can be customized to a size, duration of appearance, position and other variables that the accommodation chooses.

The Epi Wi-Fi HotSpot Manager gives the ability to the accommodation to send SMS and emails to the visitors. The EPI Wi-Fi HotSpot Manager is a solution that is compatible with a large number of router devices brands. The compatible brands are shown in the following.