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The new innovative solution to offer to your customers integrated entertainment services and customer services

“More…. than just a TV screen”

The system can be actualized with the already-set-up televisions you have. There is no need for buying new ones.*

*the additional installation of special boxes is prerequisite, in this case

Ideal for:

  • Rooms of all types of accommodations (hotel units, villas, bungalows, AirBnB apartments etc.)
  • Any kind of enterprises which aim to providing hi-tech services

The “Hoteplus” platform is designed according to the latest technologies and gives the possibility of managing a great range of devices, such as televisions, browsers, mobile phones & tablets, in order to provide a unique experience to your guests.
It unifies and binds together the new hospitality technologies, which normally work as a standalone, in a user-friendly way, in order to ensure advanced control and functionality to your property.

Some of the key benefits of “Hoteplus” are:

  • The ability to send informational messages, which can be set for either specific clients or all of them, at the same time.
  • Functionality & interactivity
  • Access to popular apps
  • The choice from a wide range of entertainment services and channels. Your clients will have the opportunity to learn about the travel plan, events, news, to have access to maps and/or meteorological services.

As an owner, you can present your very own, personalized content, informing your clients of your enterprise’s special offers available and providing various information services. At the same time, you can upgrade the image of the staff, improving their efficiency, in terms of the rendering of services part (accommodation cleaning/maintenance, mini bar, lost & found, emergencies etc.) thereby saving valuable time, but also substantially enhancing the visitor’s experience.
In addition to the modules which make up the “Hoteplus” platform, the “Fast Act” tablet device can be integrated; it is designed to handle all emergency situations in a fast and reliable way, by monitoring and creating critical alerts. It also provides the way to trigger emergency events on TVs, at the touch of a button.

Download the handout for Interactive TV – Hoteplus