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New innovative solution to offer to your customers intergrated entertainment services and customer services.

“More…. Than a Television”

The system actualizing with the television system you have. It’s not necessary to buy new one.

Ideal for:

  • Hotels that want to offer hi-tech services in the rooms.
  • Cruise ships that want to offer new generation services to the cabins.

As an owner you can present your own personalize content, to inform your customers for special prices that you offer and provide services. Send informative messages which can be given to selected customers or to all at the same time. Central management control and informative of the system with a use of back office. Give the opportunity to your customers to browse on the internet from the TV that it’s in the hotel room or in the cabin of the cruise ship. Access to popular application, Choice of huge range services and entertainment channels. Your customers have the chance to get inform for the travel plan, for events, for news, to have access to meteorological services.

Back office software

The software that is embedded in the TV dongles communicate via wi-fi or via the network you already have in your hotel with the back office software, in order to easy enrichment of the whole contents, which will be thoroughly edited the marketing department of your company. The content management will become easy, of course after proper training in content management program.

Room Service

In applications installed on television sets allow to obtain room capacity Service. Through the implementation the visitor may be preceded in the hotel’s dining menu, to read relevant information and to choose the performed order. The order is displayed directly on the monitor of the room service and after telephone confirmation will be sent for prosecution and pricing in the front office. This embodiment can be placed in simple tablets and used instead of
printed price list in electronic price list, eg in each bar the restaurant only more efficient because interactivity.

TV dongles

Smart TV conversion devices in the center of interactive entertainment and information, with integrated intelligent software which enables the visitor to navigate to the hotel and beyond.