Key Management Systems

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Key Management Systems

Control who can have access to which keys and when. The keys are stored in a secure case that uses RFID technology.

You take the right key in seconds, easily, quickly and securely.

The keys are still a vital part of any security solution but their significance is often omitted.
An electronic system for the management of keys can reduce the number of people that have access to certain keys.

Knowing who has, when and where, a key of your business you have always the control. That way you can forget “lost keys”!

The application of a key management system can reduce the functional cost and the resources and, at the same time, to maintain the security of your keys. The proposed solution guarantees the return of your keys.

The key management systems provide smart control, management and safekeeping of your keys. ProxSafe provides the higher level of performance and comfort to your everyday functions.