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EPI Systems S.A. provides a wide range of microcontrollers for recording and controlling temperature, humidity, wind velocity, wind direction and wave height. These microcontrollers have the ability to send data via GPRS to multiple email accounts and to FTP sites and, also, to send and receive SMSs via the GSM network. Some of the applications that the microcontrollers, available by EPI Systems, can be uses are shown below.

Greenhouse applications

In modern greenhouses it is of imperative importance to use advanced systems for the measuring of the temperature of the air and the humidity of the ground. Specially created microcontrollers are placed on the ground and periodically they are sending data. It is also possible to send SMSs in case of emergency (e.g. extremely high humidity values etc). Finally, the history of the measurements is being recorded in order for the agriculturist to be able to cross-examine recent values with older ones.

Restaurant applications

In the modern restaurants and fast food chains it is of imperative importance the control of the temperature and humidity at the places of that concern public health. Thus, it is possible to place microcontrollers that measure temperature and humidity in fridges, refrigerators and the food processing benches. The microcontrollers follow the EU (92/2/EEC) and US (CFR21) standards.

Milk industry applications

Mils is sensitive to temperature fluctuations and needs special treatment. It is crucial that it is kept under certain temperature values during the whole production chain that contains the collection, transport, processing and bottling in order to ensure its quality. In order to achieve this quality standards, it is necessary to use specially designed temperature control microcontrollers in every stage of the production of the milk.

Applications to transport vehicles

It is important for the safety of foods to control them during transportation to their final destination. Thus, it is a good practice to install temperature and humidity microcontrollers to the vehicles transporting them.

Applications to food conservation establishments

In large food conservation establishments, there must be a system that controls the temperature and humidity of the fridges. Also, the same system should be able to control is the fridge door is opened or closed and if there is an electricity failure. All those controls can be implemented with microcontrollers which will send data about the temperature and humidity in the building and will, also, send an alarm via SMS in case of power failure or in case a fridge door was left opened.

Application to weather and environmental control stations

Microcontrollers able to record weather and environmental conditions are optimal for the surveillance at forests, mountains, seafronts, rivers, lakes and farms. Also, they are optimal for the surveillance of the environment at factories, industrial areas, installations of water treatment and liquid wastes.

Applications to power production

Microcontrollers that record data are appropriate for applications that have to do with power as solar panel arrays, wind turbine arrays and power grids.

Applications to autonomous power systems

The wireless communications providers are facing problems to the power feed of remote GSM base stations. In order to solve this problem, they usually use battery arrays and DC to AC converters (APS). It is of imperative significance to monitor the internal temperature of the batteries since too low or too high temperatures can cause damages to them. At the same time, it is important to monitor the voltage of the battery and the power consumed by the station for the A/C system and the GSM transponder. Usually the APS systems are placed in remote areas that in most cases are difficult for the technicians to approach for inspection and repairs. The solution is the use of microcontrollers from which the technical department of the provider can receive the needed data.