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A new generation of wireless smart management solution for the street lighting from EPI Systems

LED can save up to 80% of the lighting energy is they are combined with smart administration

Integrated intelligence – Rules based control

The network layer is based on decentralized smart architecture which means that all the nodes of the network can work independently since every process takes place to the node in question and not on to a server. Every node knows its role and acts according to the rules that are stored on it. The nodes are capable to react to outside events or to feed with incident other nodes.

Smart solution for lighting control

The control of the lighting is realized with rules that are stored locally on the controller of the light fixture. As soon as the rules are received from the device, it is capable to function autonomously and needs no connection with the server. Using this architecture every lighting controller uses locally stored rules that define its behavior (e.g. on/ off time, fluctuation time, level and way to react to external events as motion detection through the appropriate sensor or events triggered by external devices).
In contrast to other solutions, where continuous connection with the server is required, the solution proposed by EPI Systems SA is capable to function even when there is no connection. Also, the proposed by EPI systems system has the ability to manage the behavior of the nodes through massive data mining e.g. by sending high level rules to change the behavior of the lighting for a given period.

Flexible control time and location based

Different areas in a city need different lighting patterns that can, also, be adjustable different days and seasons. Thanks to the rule-based control it is easy for a user to adjust the lighting behavior based on time and the location of the lamps. As an example, the lamps at the center of a city can use different function patterns from these that are placed at the residential areas. Furthermore, adjusted rules can be used for different seasons, months or even for every single day. As soon as the rules are placed, the lighting follows them automatically without any further communication with the server. The communication is needed only in the case that the administrator needs to change a rule or a set of them.

Lamp feedback

The lighting controllers of EPI Systems record the function of every lamp. They record the energy consumption, the hours each lamp has functioned, the total time during which certain rules were in function for a lamp, how many times the lighting has had reacted to events caused by external sensors. The web interface, which is part of the proposed solution, is able to create several reports based on the data collected by the lighting controllers.


In case that the lighting controller detects non normal situation or event, either on the lamp function of the controller itself, it will send a notification to the administrator through the server. Given the fact that the function of the lamps is periodically checked, the need of periodic controls becomes unnecessary.


The proposed system can be scaled easily. New lighting controllers and other city smart devices can be added to the system without the function of the already existing devices being affected. This flexibility makes the solution future proof since the lighting can be part of any future application (e.g. smart parking) without the need to change hardware or software to the lighting controllers or the lamps or to other types of controllers or systems that have already been developed.

Wireless solution

The wireless technology of EPI Systems S.A. uses the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and functions at 2.4GHz (globally with free license). The wireless solution of EPI Systems is a selfmodulating mesh network. That way it does not need special administrator or router node since every device is able to fulfill anyone of those roles. Using the proposed wireless technology, the nodes can create an autonomous mesh network without the use of specialty equipment or manual control. Every node can communicate with every other node at the network directly or by using other nodes in order to transfer data. The networking solution proposed allows also the remote and through the network upgrade of the software of the nodes which means that the capabilities of the system can be expanded easily.

System safety

The proposed solution is safe since only the certified devices can communicate with the rest of the system and the data communication between devices is encrypted. The certification kai encryption are based to a certified security solution that is based to Elliptic Curve Cryptography providing higher security level than other solutions having at the same time less resource requirements.

Solution characteristics

  • Compatible with every fluctuating flow ballast/ driver
  • Integration with the lamp or external placement on a pole with IP65 casing
  • Automated network creation without the creation of central node or knowledge of network topology
  • Multilevel rule-based behavior that are created by the user. These rules allow great flexibility and adaptation ability
  • Independent function. No constant connection with the server is needed.
  • Reaction to incidents that are triggered by external sensors: motion detection, lighting sensor etc.
  • Reaction to incidents that are triggered by external sensors: motion detection, lighting sensor etc.