Vehicle access control systems with RFID readers

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Vehicle access control systems with RFID readers

EPI Gate Access system uses RFID technology in order to identify vehicles approaching an entry gate through RFID readers. The authorized vehicles will carry self-adhering RFID cards and, during the approach to the gate, they will be recognized. Every vehicle will carry a self-adhering RFID tag that will contain the data of the vehicle. In case of successful identification of the RFID card, the system sends a command to the gate to open. At the same time, it registers the data of the vehicle, the driver’s card (if existing) and the date and time of the passage. Also, there is the option to expand the system in order to identify the drivers through RFID cards concurrently with the vehicles. In that case, every driver will have an RFID card that will be strictly personal.

Identification of the vehicle

As soon as the vehicle comes close to the gate, the RFID reader that is attached to said gate and has the duty to identify vehicles along the direction of the vehicle’s movement, will automatically recognize the RFID card that it carries. The identification of the driver, at the same time with the vehicle, can be performed either by the same long distance RFID reader that is used for the vehicles or by a short range RFID reader that is installed at a spot before the gate and at a height and distance that will facilitate the driver. After the identification of the card, a signal is being sent to the software that controls the access control system. The software connects to the database, confirms the access credentials of the respective card and if they are valid opens the gate.


The RFID tag used by the vehicle should be glued to the windshield in order to be easily read by the reader. In case that the RFID tag gets removed from the vehicle that was installed it will be destroyed. That way the moving of a tag between vehicles is not possible. The non-transferring of an RFID tag between vehicles can also be controlled by the guards at the gates. They can check on the monitor of the guardroom the license plate of the vehicle in comparison to the license plate that is registered on the tag. Finally, if there is a need to attach an RFID tag at a metallic surface of a vehicle (e.g. on a hauler), there is the option to use specially made tags that do not interact with the metal of the vehicle.

Traffic control barrier

The access of the vehicles is defined through the traffic control barrier. The vehicles that are allowed to pass the barrier are the ones with a valid RFID tag. In every entrance and exit, a set of photocells is being installed that stop the barrier from moving if there are humans or vehicles in close vicinity. That way a safer function of the system is achieved. The transmitters installed on the system are used in case that the system must function manually.

Access control barrier software

EpiGateAccess is the software that controls the access control system. It controls the communication between the parts of the system (RFID readers, traffic control barriers and digital signs) and their function. It communicates with the database and performs the functions of the access control. The results from the control process are shown on the main screen of the software in table form. On the same screen are also shown the details of the “system’s condition” for the devices and their functioning. Another feature of the software is the ability to keep logs. Finally, the software can be made available as and API, in order to be integrated with other management software.

Digital sign

An additional feature of the EPI Access Control system is the digital signage screen that can deliver information about the vehicles passing a gate. This digital sign connects with the PC that is installed at the gate. Via the Ethernet and with the help of the system’s software it will be able to depict information about any vehicle, like the license plate, a non-traversal message for non-certified vehicles, unknown RFID code of a vehicle or a driver etc. The digital sign at the gate gives the ability to directly control the process of controlling vehicle movement through the gates the system manages. This has as a result to control better the traffic and to inform the drivers for potential problems that might arise.