Video Content Analytics for Security and Marketing

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Closed Circuit TV systems (CCTV) are nowadays established as a valuable piece of security systems. With the rapid evolution of technology, a new powerful tool on the field of video processing and analysis has been created. The tool is known as Video Content Analytics (VCA). The use of this technology can benefit two main sectors, security and business administration and marketing.

This new technology can be used in a wide spectrum of fields as building security, fences, graded access areas, isolated or remote areas, tunnels, bridges etc. It can be used also on the field of business for data statistical analysis, people and vehicle counting in highways, airports, shopping malls, retail shops, means of mass transportation and in general wherever there is being gathered a large number of people and it is needed a way to estimate and analyze their behavior.

AgentVi Video Content Analytics

Video Content Analytics of AgentVi and more specifically the savViTM, that EPI System proposes, offers the ability to be installed on all the available platforms. This certain package offers the following features:

The users define events of interest beforehand and receive alarms when these events take place, allowing immediate actions to events on the time they happen.

The users define parameters regarding the event or the item of interest and receive search results in seconds, enabling rapid access to video segments that are buried inside the bulk of the stored video.

The software offers automated statistical analysis of traffic volumes, movement trend and motion patterns, enabling effortless extraction of operational data from surveillance video. Facility managers, marketing leaders and business owners use such information to make educated decisions regarding operational and resource allocation aspects.