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Project Description

The aim of the project was the ameliorations of the overall passengers’ experience of the Athens International Airport. The “Event Counting SuiteTM” of “ObjectVideo” was applied, in combination with the “business intelligence” software that was developed itself from EPi Systems S.A. With this combination, the provision of valid information was achieved, regarding the the transit time of the incoming vehicles in the parking lot, the queue length, the dynamic waiting time of the passengers, the number of passengers at the gate area and the stores area.
Architecture of distributed cameras was used, along with encoder use, which has built-in algorithms of ObjectVideo (OV Ready-based encoders) and provision of better management, in terms of airport security, store operation and airport gates was achieved.
The Information Technology and Telecommunications Business Unit (IT&T) Department of Athens International Airport is using analytics with real-time data, through the Dynamic Reporting Tool which was created by EPi Systems, for the decision making, as well as for business-intelligence-management reasons. For example, the use of the time-to-gate application, improves the passengers’ experience and reclaims their waiting time until their embarkment, giving at the same time the possibility of increasing the income from the sales in the retail stores.