KATH (Thessaloniki Central Market)

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Project Description

Automated vehicle-entrance system, in Th.C.M. from gates 1,3 & 5, through RFID readers. Upon approaching the gate, the approved vehicles, which are equipped with sticker RFID cards, are recognized and, in monitor screens that are set up at the entrance gates, they are informed for the or the zero of the passes they are allowed to have for Th.C.M. In addition, on the screens, they are displayed the license plates of the vehicle, for its identification from the Th.C.M. employees. If the vehicle has a balance of passes, the gate bar is raised, allowing the access to the spaces of Th.C.M. Otherwise, there is a specific procedure defined by Th.M.C. that is executed. The exit of vehicles is designated gate 5. Upon approaching the exit, the presence of the vehicle is identified through an infrared system and permits exit to the vehicle.