Project Description

Our goal was the sharing of wired and wireless networking in selected rooms of the 205-room complex at the SANI Beach Club Hotel. After completing the installation of this system, the hotel unit now has a quality and sophisticated solution for providing internet services to all its customers.
The potential of extending the system, as well as developing new applications – services, not only will increase the profitability but also the customer satisfaction.
Some of the applications, which could be integrated into the unit’s services in the future:
• Digital TV, Video on Demand, using Network TVs or even the existing ones, by installing set-top boxes.
• VoIP for quality communication between the customers and the staff, at free of charge.
• Hotel applications for smartphones and smart devices in general.
• Digital signage, regarding hotel products and services.
• “Smart Room” applications, which offer high security and direct services to the “client”, as well as to the resort, corresponding security in functionality and energy saving.