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Project Description

Wireless Network in Container Station (C.T. M.I.S.)

The company is responsible for thww whole wireless network infrastructure of the Container Station (ΣΕ.ΜΠΟ). The company has installed an integrated Wi-Fi systems. More precisely there are 13 stations (Backbone) in 5,4 GHz, which communicate through a wireless base (BSU). Behind each station 5,4 there are access points connected (2,4 GHz), with which the moving container-transportation vehicles are communicating. These vehicles are carrying mobile computers, with wireless Wi-Fi cards, which are also our company’s implementation.

Video Content Analytics Application

Design, development and application of CCTV system, by using video-analytics algorithm, for the coverage needs of the perimeter of “Jetty 1” in ThPA. Every camera installed in “Jetty 1” of the port has built-in Video Analytics and sends the video to the core system, in real time, as well as any other event located. When alarm is received in the register server, the Milestone software, which is responsible for the alarms’ recording and processing, updates the base in which all the alarm registrations are taking place. The result of the alarm recording is an event to be displayed in the NVR (milestone). Based on the source of the event (from which fixed camera it was displayed) the NVR will direct a command to the closest PTZ camera (in which domain the fixed camera belongs), in order for it to turn to the specific area of observation (preset).